The National Coalition for Rural Advancement (NCRA) Government has voiced its intentions for great emphasis on its campaign to reduce fuel consumption in Solomon Islands.

During his address at the 33rd Independence Anniversary of Solomon Islands, Prime Minister Danny Philip reaffirmed that the proposed Tina Hydro Project is still in place as negotiations with landowners are ongoing and progressing well.

"It is good to note that there is an increasing willingness by landowners to open up their land for development, for their own benefits and that of the province and nation."

"Hopefully when this hydro project is up and running within a few years time, it should reduce our dependency on imported fuel and the huge cost associated with fuel consumption in the area of electricity," Prime Minister Philip said.

"It is heartening to note also that more and more of our people are getting connected to clean and sustainable energy such as solar power."

While speaking at the opening of a Solar Power Training Workshop in Honiara recently, Prime Minister Philip also stated again that his government recognizes the development on solar power.

"I wish to reiterate that a crucial part to our rural development strategy is the need to seek the development of alternative sources of reliable, affordable clean and renewable sources of energy."

"This is to help us move away from our current heavy dependence on fossil fuels," Prime Minister Philip said.

Source: National Express