Secretary to Prime Minister (SPM) Dr Jimmie Rodgers has assured the country that the Government is taking serious measures in the fight against the corona virus.

Speaking during the talk back show over the weekend, Dr Rodgers said there is a lot of work happening behind the scene by relevant authorities.

The SPM said an oversight committee headed by the Office of the Prime Minister & Cabinet including other stakeholders and relevant authorities had been undertaking assessment on all aspects including the legal, social and economic implications of the Covid-19.

“I would like to assure the public that the Government is undergoing an assessment that will be released soon,” he said.

Dr Rodgers said the assessment report would also include a response plan as to how and what each sector, community and individuals are supposed to do.

“We need to fight this as a country and not as a Government, civil society, or as a private sector. We all have a role to play in conquering the corona pandemic,” he said.

The SPM said this is a world health crisis that should not divide us but unite us and we should not be fighting each other and pointing finger’s at each other.

Meanwhile, responding to the question of lock down, Dr Rodgers said the oversight committee is also looking at all options including the lock down of the country including self - quarantine.

“We must understand that each option have different implications. When we talk about a total lock down of the country, we must also consider how much of our survival depends on our trade outside. No fuel means, clinics and hospitals closing down, major utilities will be forced to close down,” he said.

Dr Rodgers said a lock down means no supplies and food coming into the country for an indefinite period.

“If we lock down flights how can we fly samples for test and if we don’t test it will make it more difficult in our fight. We must also be considerate of our citizens in other countries,” he said.

However, he said all these options are not ignored and the Government will duly inform the public.


Source: PM Press Secretariat