The Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development has began implementing the C-NURA government's fee free basic education policy this year.

Director of Secondary Education, Aseri Yalangono, says the Ministry's Accounts division has all payment vouchers directly to the Permanent Secretary for Finance and Treasury.

Mr. Yalangono says over 600 primary schools and 200 secondary schools throughout the country will benefit under the free basic education policy.

He says payments will be made directly to schools through their bank accounts.

Mr. Yalangono has urged all school principals and head-teachers to ensure that their school have an operating bank account.

He says the 2009 school year starts on January 19th and the Ministry wants to make first instalment payments by January.

The second part of the funding will be paid out to schools in August.

Mr. Yalangono says the Ministry is urging all school principals and head-teachers to prepare their school budgets for 2009 to show any shortfalls which parents will be asked to cover through fees or fundraising activities.

He says schools who will be charging school fees to cover any shortfall will need to get approval from the Minister for Education.

He calls on education authorities to direct their principals and head-teachers to their respective schools to prepare for the 2009 school year.

Mr. Yalangono says apart from the fee free basic education funding, government will also be paying other grants to schools.

Source: SIBC News