RIPEL Chairman Patrick Wong has expressed disappointment with the Government's decision to seek an adjournment to the RIPEL Shareholder's AGM scheduled to be held in Honiara Tuesday.

Mr. Wong said that he was looking forward to the AGM and the attendance of the media, which would help to send out the right information to the public.

He said that the decision by the Government to further delay the meeting would affect the people of the Russell Islands who are now facing financial problems because the company, which had always been their means of income, had ceased.

In support of the idea, one of Mr. Wong's nominated Director in RIPEL, Colin Maurice Jones, said if the government did not politicize the RIPEL issue, RIPEL will be contributing a lot to the country's economy and it will give an environment for the people of Russell to improve their livelihood.

The Premier of Central Province, Patrick Vasuni, said that the government's decision to open a new case will not solve the issue.

He said that the issue will only be soved through open dialogue and consultations because different parties will be free to express their views to the company.

The Special Secretary to the Prime Minister, John Keniapisia, said that the issue of shareholding in RIPEL was one of the important issues included in the High Courts consent orders.

Had the AGM proceeded on the agenda already formulated by Mr. Wong, the Government would be denied the right to deal with issues relating to the Government's 20 % shareholding being held by CEMA.

Source: National Express