The Government is confident to achieve its push for constitutional and legislative reforms aimed at securing long-term political stability and to improve governance in the country.

Governments confidence is growing after receiving solid support from the country's elected leaders when reforms are discussed at top political levels.

Chairman of the proposed Political Party Integrity Bill Committee, Special Secretary to the Prime Minister John Keniapasia said the ruling CNURA regime has attained sufficient political will to drive forward those proposed reforms.

"It is encouraging to see that the country's leaders are open about the proposed reforms," Keniapasia said. "The only challenge is to do it right and properly".

The government will bring the Political Party Integrity Bill to Parliament in July this year, whilst the other constitutional and legislative reforms will be in place before the term of the present government lapses next year.

Mr Keniapasia, however, said changes to the present electoral system will take a much longer period because putting in place a new system to replace the current first past the post requires a lot of time, work, coordination and educational awareness.

"This may look impossible but government will push these changes through and that work has to start in consultation with relevant ministries."

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