Public Service Minister Milner Tozaka in thanking the previous government for re-establishing the Institute of Public Administration and Management, IPAM says the Sikua government is committed to improving public servant skills.

Mr. Tozaka also thanked donors, especially AusAID through the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands for the financial support to construct the infrastructure and for the cost designs.

Speaking in Parliament last week, Minister Tozaka said IPAM has and will continue to instill the necessary skills and knowledge for public officers to better perform their responsibilities.

He said the Government continues to support IPAM with increasing staff, increased financial support this year compared to previous years and staff development in similar institutions in the region.

Mr. Tozaka said the level of commitment and support will be maintained and increased.

The Minister said he hopes to table a bill in the next Parliament to have IPAM a semi autonomous body.