The government has called on the opposition leader, Mathew Wale, not to politicize the current COVID-19 outbreak in the country.

In a recently released statement the government says that in times like this it is important “to pull together, not to divide, not to destroy, not to lead people astray.”

The statement says that the arrangement to have MPs swabbed and tested was made through the Office of the Clerk to the National Parliament under its duty of care to the political leaders of this nation.

“This service to our leaders is in addition to the service provided throughout Honiara to all other members of the public. It was not a replacement of these same services provided in other locations,” the statement reads.

“The people of this country know and appreciate the work of those that are dedicated to protecting this country.”

The statement says the government will not be diverted by cheap desires to discourage or to disunite their approach, which is to serve this county and protect the lives of as many Solomon Islanders as possible.

“Wale should be grateful to the Oversight Committee for their outstanding job instead of trying to discredit their work for cheap political point scoring during these challenging times,” the statement said.

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