The Government has started a detailed technical assessment at flood-hit areas in Honiara and Guadalcanal and other parts of the country to determine the scale of last week’s disaster.

Officials from relevant Government Ministries have been deployed to assist Honiara City Council and Guadalcanal Provincial Authorities who are currently conducting detailed assessment on different sectors which have been affected by rain and flooding.

Key sectors that will be assessed include infrastructure, agriculture, shelter, education, health, environment, marine, land use and planning, geology, water resources and commerce.

The teams will also conduct verification of affected communities to help them further develop a humanitarian action plan and a long term recovery and rehabilitation program.

An assessment period of 14 days which began on Wednesday 9th April has been set and reports will be submitted to the Chairperson of the National Disaster Operation Committee for onward submission to the Cabinet for deliberation.

Meanwhile, those taking refuge at various schools in Honiara says that the government needs to help people better understand the process in getting support to them.

“We appreciate the government and donor assistance, but we just need to be sure on the plan, the timeframe, like how long will we remain in these camps,” stated a father of two, camped at Coronation school, who has lost everything.

“While we are happy with efforts so far, like water, food and clothing we would like to return to our place, we just need to know whether that is possible.”

An estimated 15,000 people are now declared displaced as a result of the flooding last week. Various camps have been set up in schools around Honiara and Guadalcanal. Many are uncertain as to where they will return as most have lost their homes and belongings, destroyed by the floods.