The Solomon Islands Government has stated that it will try and meet all Teacher's outstanding dues under the new salary levels by the end of the week.

A statement from the government says that they have worked throughout the weekend and will be using this week to re-level teachers salary structure and also to update and correct the teachers payroll.

The final list of teachers who will be affected under the re-leveling exercise will then be handed over to the Teaching Services Commission. The Teaching Service Commission is expected to endorse the list before submitting it to the Ministry of Finance for payment.

A statement from the government says the teachers dues will be paid to them on Thursday.

It also adds that the number of teachers who will be paid at their new levels will depend on the outcome of the re-leveling and up-dated payroll exercise.

The government also clarified that if they cannot identify all of the teachers, the remaining ones will be paid their dues on the next teachers payday.

Meanwhile in light of the new development, the government is now urging teachers to return to work as soon as possible.