The Prime Minister Mr. Sogavare told journalist in a press conference today that the government has appointed a special envoy to provide a buffer between the PM and RAMSI.

The Prime Minister told Journalists that Michael Maina has been appointed as the special envoy that will provide a buffer between him and RAMSI.

The PM said that in the past the PM deals with RAMSI directly but that arrangement is not the right way to go.

"I need a buffer between me and RAMSI and we have appointed a special envoy who is going to be in daily contact with RAMSI on issues we may have differing views" said Mr Sogavare. "So that before it even comes to me, it's already been thrust out and discussed properly, so that only recommendations come to me"

The PM said that the special envoy will be supported by a committee that represents the interest of the entire country, such as the women, churches, NGOs and civil societies.

According to Sogavare the appointment of the special envoy will ensure the relationship between the government and RAMSI continues to go smooth ensuring peace and security is maintained.