Government scholarships for 2021 will not be effective until the second semester of 2021.

Deputy Secretary in the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD), Mr. James Bosamata says this is a process that will take some time for it to become effective.

Bosamata says following the COVID-19 pandemic the SIG scholarship was not implemented on time, hence the reason why the SIG scholarship will only be effective in the second semester.

“It is a process and not an overnight thing. It has to go through a selection process so it will take a number of weeks or months before results will be announced”, Bosamata says.

He says MEHRD has received rumours that people are claiming their applications have been approved. Bosamata says this is not true and that applicants should only wait for confirmation from MEHRD.

“Since it is an online application, people need not come to the MERHD office. They can access the progress of their application via the same platform in which they have submitted their applications”, Bosamata says.

For 2021, SIG Scholarships are to be taken at academic institutions in the country. Scholarships were not offered for overseas studies in the 2020-2021 round of SIG scholarships.