The Goldridge Mining company is being called on to address the Midstream Association's SBD$15 million dollars compensation for polluting the Metapona River.

Association spokesperson Charles Pai says it has taken a year for the company to sort out the issue since they produced proof of the river's contamination.

He says a group of health workers collected samples from the area.

But the company rejected the results and instead called for a group from overseas to conduct the testing.

Mr Pai says the company, under a new management, has also called for a second collection of samples from them.

Mr Pai says the people are becoming frustrated with the company's attitude.

He adds that the compensation claims are just and fair, considering the disruption to their livelihoods caused by the contamination.

He said they can no longer depend on the river for their everyday use, forcing them to resort to alternative sources which are many hours away from their village.

He adds Political leaders must step in to address the situation.