Gold Ridge 2 claims the court with a win of 38-30 over HT Arrows on Saturday.

The Honiara Netball League Division A game saw a fast start for the gold side as they led with ten goals to four.

Despite a strong comeback from their opponents, the Gold Ridge 2 side continued to maintain their lead with a win of 11-8 as they intercepted more goals and their goal defender controlling every ball away from the HT Arrows side.

By half time, the Gold Ridge had 22 goals on their back to 12 points for the HT Arrows.

A determined HT Arrows did not allow their loss to back them down as they fought back hard and claimed the third quarter with a win of 12-5.

The crowd saw another comeback win for the HT Arrows who again beat the Gold Ridge 2 side with a 12-6 win.

This however did not place the HT Arrows to lead as they fell short of Gold Ridge 2's eight points lead difference.

Gold Ridge 2 won the game 38 points to 30.

Meanwhile in the super league division, Police 1 led their game against KOSSA 1 by 4 points difference, with total points of 56-52 to Police 1.