The Solomon Islands Students Association (SISA) of the University of the South Pacific's Laucala-based campus in Suva, Fiji, organised its last combined service yesterday.

The service which coincides with a farewell ceremony for students who will finish off their term this semester was dubbed "a success".

In his remarks, President of SISA, Eric Sau'eha, said that "students will soon be going back home and will be taking on a new challenge that will pre-determine their ability to make a difference."

He said that set on the theme of [yesterday's] ceremony 'Going Home', the emphasis of making a difference lies within a student's choice and tendency to see change.

"Change that comes from within and change that can have an impact on our actions, behavior and character," Mr. Sau'eha said. "With these changes, we can make a real difference within the different sectors of engagement we are assigned to when we go back home".

He stressed that "the time to make a difference is now as our country's plunged into a situation that needs our expertise and willingness to see it being shifted into a new platform of difference".

SISA vice president, Jimmy Solakana, said that he was happy with the preparation and cooperation shown by the Solomon Islands students [yesterday].

He said that this sets "a new precedence and this is the only way forward to make a real difference within our country".

Mr. Solakana reiterated the fact that "negligence of our duties and responsibilities is what we should take into consideration to change and pave a new way forward for our nation Solomon Islands."

He encouraged students and future SISA executives to build on the unity and cooperation shared among Solomon Islands students studying in Laucala campus.

A new initiative of SISA was also introduced at the service, which was the presentation of the Citizenship Award.

Mr. Solakana explained that the new award is to recognize students who have made outstanding contributions to SISA and the University of the South Pacific.

The first recipient to the award was Steven Maesiola, who graduates with a Masters of Art in Governance.

More than 300 hundred Solomon Islands students attended the service.