There is one Solomon Islands, not a divided Solomon Islands.

These were the words of visiting preacher, Dr. Jonathan David, at the closing of a three-day Apostolic Revival Crusade that started last Friday and closed last night in Honiara.

Addressing a multipurpose hall filled to capacity last night, Dr. Jonathan challenged Solomon Islanders that "you cannot possess the promises of God because you keep your heart rotten".

"You keep things that are wrong in your heart, you have unforgiveness in your life, bitterness against one race, one tribe, one group, one politician ... you keep all the garbage inside of you and God cannot use you because the devil is already in."

Dr. Jonathan reminded Christians to "get rid of the enemy" and have a clean heart that is neither impartial nor repulsive.

"We are one united Solomon Islands, one nation, one voice, one people, one tribe, we may be different in colour ... but we are born for the same purpose, we are born for the same destiny."

"Don't hate one race against the other, don't be prejudice, you can't reach the whole nation if you're just going to go to one island."

He challenged the meet that to reach out to the nation, "you got to go to every island, pass every territory."

"Don't listen to the voice of division, don't listen to the voice of competition, do not marginalise to one main group because there ain't no main group, because there is only one group that is called the Kingdom of God."

Dr. Jonathan stressed that as God's people, "we represent the Kingdom [of God] and not a political party."

"We are part of the winning glorious team, when we become one people, when the spirit of understanding is among us, whatever we begin to do, nothing will be able to stop us."

Set on the theme "A strategic Nation Development towards a Secure Future for the Nation of Solomon Islands", the successful night crusades at the Multipurpose attracted hundreds from all denominations in Honiara.