God has the answers to the challenges Solomon Islands face.

In his nationwide Christmas address, Prime Minister Dr. Derek Sikua reminded Solomon Islanders to believe that God has the answers, no matter how tough and difficult the road ahead is for the country.

"...people must believe and trust that God will bring life and restoration for the country," the Prime Minister said.

He stressed that the country needs more than plans and strategies, adding that it will take the power of the Holy Spirit along with the Word to bring forgiveness and true healing.

Prime Minister Sikua said that as a Christian nation, Solomon Islands need to be reminded that Jesus is the source of all life and healing, and people need to know Him through His Word and to see Jesus on every page.

"No country is too hard, too poor, too filled with crime, too divided by war or ethnic unrest, or too spiritually dark to be changed. God has given us basic principles that are keys to every problem we face in the twenty-first century. The answers lie between the covers of one book - the Holy Bible."

Source: Solomon Times with SIBC