The Games Organizing Committee (GOC) will this year recruit 2500 plus volunteers to join the 2023 Pacific Games Collective Workforce.

GOC’s Senior Operations Manager, Jack Smith confirmed they are looking to recruit and train 2500 plus volunteers to be involved in the delivery of the Games in Honiara from 19th November to 2nd December, 2023.

“Volunteer recruitment will be open to everyone.”

Applications will be open to the general public including all sectors of employment; public and private sectors, National Federations, NGOs, local community groups and school students.

“We encourage everyone to apply regardless of age, gender, ability, nationality or any other category to apply and be part of the Games Family.”

Volunteer recruitment will commence, April 1st.

Meanwhile GOC will conduct awareness and provide public informational on the Games Volunteer program at the SINIS’s Open Day event this Friday 27th January, 2023.

Source: Sol2023 Media