Reverend Moon's Global Peace Festival, sponsored by his Universal Peace Federation, is set to take place at Lawson Tama on the 28th - 29th of November.

The Universal Peace Federation, formerly known as the Inter-religious and International Federation for World Peace, which has Moon as its founder, is organizing the weekend festival.

The organizers are planning to hold a grand parade starting at the Melanesian Cultural Village up to Lawson Tama and it is not known whether or not the Police band will be able to lead the marchers.

According to organizers the program will include various form of social activities suitable for all walks of life under the theme; "A New Paradigm of Leadership and Good Governance." The lineup of entertainment for the night will include popular local musician Shazy, a popular free style group flown in from the USA, and other youth groups in Honiara. Organizers of the event are expecting a huge turnout for the event.

In an interview with the National Express the Honiara City Council Lord Mayor Mr. Andrew Mua, who had attended a similar event in Korea, told the National Express last week that the aims and objectives of the Global Peace Federation (GPF) is to bring peace "especially to countries that have been through and had experienced crisis, and to build peace by involving all sectors of societies to unite as one family under God."

The (HCC) Lord Mayor Mr Mua said that other countries had already taken part in the program including Canada, USA, Guatemala, Paraguay, Brazil, England, Israel, Kongo, Kenya, Lebanon, Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Philipino and now the Solomon Islands.

The Unification Church, which has close ties with the Universal Peace Federation, owns, operates or subsidises many international bodies involved with political, commercial, cultural and social enterprises. Members, who prefer to be called Unificationists, believe Moon is the messiah and that he and his wife have laid the foundation for establishing the kingdom of heaven on Earth.

Source: With National Express