The National and Western Provincial Ministry of Health and Medical Services would like to assure the public that health services at the Gizo Hospital is open to all and not only to those who are vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccines.

"Rumour that Gizo hospital is only providing medical services to those vaccinated with COVID-19 is not true and not at any time did the national nor the western provincial ministry of health issued a directive for such condition as prerequisite for anyone to receive medical service," the Ministry said in a prepared statement.

"Should anyone come across a health facility or medical worker advising of such condition, please call health’s emergency operation centre toll free line, 115 and provide details for relevant health authorities to address the matter."

The statement says that it is crucial that all media outlets, even social media platforms and groups, take great precaution on information provided by the public for publication on print media and broadcast on radio as well as postings on social media group pages.

It says that when in doubt it is important to verify such information with the Ministry of Health’s media office on phone 24529 before publication.

Source: MHMS