Murder suspect, Stanley Gitoa, who escaped from lawful detention in 2007, says he will remain in hiding from law enforcement authorities until he is guaranteed the opportunity to speak with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, TRC.

The police most wanted man, Stanley Gitoa of Guadalcanal made the comments in an interview he gave to SIBC News at Tetere on Sunday.

Spotted by co-incidence on the Tetere road-side about 7:30 last night, Gitoa accepted a request by SIBC reporter Simon Papage to be interviewed.

He claims his escape from police custody was a show of frustration because he had been kept locked up in a prison cell for nearly three years without trial for crimes alleged against him.

He and another relative, William Mandetea surrendered to the police in 2004 and kept in custody for three years without trial, for the series of alleged crimes including murder.

Gitoa claimed the prison officers who accompanied them home on a compassionate visit in 2007 allowed them to walk free from them.

Meanwhile, Commissioner of Police Peter Marshall maintains Gitoa is a criminal wanted by the police.

Responding to comments made by Gitoa on the media, Mr Marshall says the time he spent on remand up to 2007 is a matter for the courts, and that is up to him and his lawyers to deal with.

He maintains that Gitoa is wanted for very serious crimes committed during the ethnic tension.

Mr Marshall says besides the crimes allegedly committed during the ethnic tension, Gitoa has also continued to commit other crimes after his escape from lawful custody, and police will continue to look for him.