Healing the sick is a miracle that Christians believe comes from having faith in God, as is the case with a gifted healer in the western part of Guadalcanal.

Solomon Times met up with the gifted healer from Guadalcanal after hearing stories of her gift to healing a lot of people in her village and also in town.

Speaking with the custom doctor from Tanavasa, a village in the west of Guadalcanal, Silvia Tasi said that she had "the gift from God" since she was young.

Ms. Tasi said that since 1990, "I have cooked custom medicine from a tree bark that has help cure many illnesses including ulcer, gonorrhea, anemia, diabetes and even cancer."

"I help the sick people in my community by praying for them, and then giving them the medicine that I have prepared."

She explained that the bark comes from the "bibili tree, as we call it in our language".

Asked if she markets her gift, Ms. Tasi said that what she does is never for money.

"I help people as part of my Christian beliefs, that I am a gifted woman from God and if there is anyone who needs help or healing, I do not hesitate, I must attend to them, whatever the sickness because it is my job."

Ms. Tasi also runs a small mission back in her village where they always pay home visits to the sick people in their village, or anywhere around Honiara town.

According to stories, she has been healing a lot of people from Visale, west of Guadalcanal to the east part of Guadalcanal province.

"I am always at my village and when people want me to help them, I go to their homes, but you have to have faith in the Lord to help in this area, in my case, helping both the sick people and myself," she told Solomon Times.

Ms. Tasi said that she is very blessed and also happy to see that many people from her village and those who knew her had been healed from what she did to help.

Ms. Tasi said that even though she was not making the custom medicine as a source for her generated income, "I am blessed by the Father".