A sugarcane farmer was surprised by giant pawpaws harvested from his backyard.

Fiji Times Online reported that the farmer, Mohammed Kamal, was given the seeds by a friend and advised to plant them and he 'was completely surprised by the size of the fruits on the eight trees'.

"I do not even know the name of the species but there are two different types. One species grows to about two feet while the other just grows out wide and huge. I had planted the seedlings for our personal use but after the fruits started growing, it was clear that we could not eat all," said Mr Kamal. "We harvested some and delivered it to our relatives because it is just too much."

"I do not intend to sell this crop because it is the first harvest. But now I plan to grow more and start selling them. It is very sweet and people will be amazed by the size."

Mr. Kamal 'believes the giant pawpaws harvested from his backyard could become profitable in addition to his sugar cane income' and 'has already cleared part of his cane farm to expand his giant pawpaw plantation'.