If you are one of our frequent readers, you may have wondered about getting more update regarding the 'Ghost Caller' article a few months back, which spooked quite a number of Solomon Islanders.

The six digit caller ID on mobiles bringing up the digits '828777' despite Solomon Islands numbers being only five? Remember that article?

Few more research has been done regarding the 'Ghost Caller' however, the ghost caller seem to have truly disappeared.

Many attempts were made trying to call the number to see if we would hear the much claimed baby crying in the background or the sound of someone breathing.

This was however without success and some Ghost Caller victims say "Well, it is a ghost; it will definitely disappear, like it is supposed to."

And trully, it really has disappeared.

In response to the inquiries of the 'Ghost Caller', Our Telekom authorities claim that is not something people should ponder upon.

"It is fictitious and nothing also to do with wiring faults from Our Telekom. This is just a rumour," claims an Our Telekom officer.

Rumour or not, if you do get the '828777' as a caller ID then you most probably would know where the 'Ghost Caller' might be.