A committee was recently formed to organize sporting activities during the country's 30th anniversary celebration in July this year.

The games are expected to start first week of July with grand final for all the games to take place on independence day, 7th July.

The person responsible for sports in the Ministry of Home affairs, John Bakueau told Express Sports that the games will include war canoe race, outboard motor race for 15, 30, and 40, 75-horse power, Mr Solomon Islands and the cycling race.

For the war canoe race, this will include the individual and double events for both men and women. There will also be a mixed double event for both men and women.

Mr. Bakueau is calling on anyone in the county who is interested to join Mr. Solomon Islands to register now so that organizers can have a fair idea of the number of participants.

Bicycle race will include BMX bikes and the mountain bikes for all who wish to join in the competition.

A tug of war for eight people will also feature for both the men and women. Another interesting event is the coconut tree climbing competition whilst people with the knack for a few hits will have a chance to participate in a game of professional boxing for professional boxers.

Express Sports was informed that the route for the war canoe race will start from Tulagi in the Central province and will end at the Point Cruz yacht club in Honiara.

For the bicycle riders, the BMX riders' route will start at Tetere in East Guadalcanal and finish at White River, while the mountain bike route will start at valley road near Henderson and finish line at white River.

Organisers said there will be lots of good prizes up for grabs and interested participants can collect the form at the Ministry of Home Affairs to be part of the games.

Canoe and bicycles owners are encouraged to start preparing for the big games.

For the professional boxers, three of the country's boxers will fight two boxers from Australia and one from either Vanuatu or Papua New Guinea.