On Friday the 8th, the Florence Young Christian School (FYCS) held a singing and drama contest for the first time, on the theme; 'Bloom where you are planted'.

Mr. George Saemane, the Principal of Florence Young Christian School, said that the intention of the program was to encourage more participation from the students.

Apparently, after much discussions and research, the Principal and his staff found out that not all students were willing and able to participate in class.

"On the research, we found out that students were all unique and they have their own talent, not necessarily for the classroom. We then wanted to bring out the talents and also encourage participation," says Mr. Saemane.

He emphasized that another reason for the singing and the drama competition is so that students could bring out their creativity and imagination.

"Many students are very academic and others are not quite. Henry Fa'arodo is an example, where, even though he has the academic knowledge, he has great sporting talent as well," Mr. Saemane went on to say.

"The Florence Young Christian School is looking to also build the talents of their students outside of the classroom and the organized events like the singing and dancing competitions is seen as one to create more participation from the students. We are hopeful that this may be an annual event," said Mr. Saemane.

The Singing and Dancing competition were broken into three categories which were the juniors, the intermediates and the seniors. Cash prizes were given to the winners.