A New Zealand delegation will travel to the Solomon Islands next month to further discuss issues relating to the Seasonal Work Scheme.

Prime Minister Derek Sikua revealed that he was pleased that New Zealand has included Solomon Islands in its list of Pacific Island countries for the Seasonal Work Scheme in New Zealand.

Dr Sikua also revealed that Solomon Islands officials have had discussions with their New Zealand counterparts on the scheme and that the talks are still continuing.

A team consisting of officials from the New Zealand Customs, Immigration and other relevant authorities will be traveling to Honiara to further discuss the scheme and also sort out problems that may have risen after the last 238 people were sent to work in New Zealand.

Solomon Times took to the streets to find out what people thought of the Seasonal Work Scheme.

"This is really a good opportunity. This shows that our relationship with New Zealand has been further strengthened. Giving people an opportunity to work overseas would mean many more people can afford to send their children to school and also afford basic necessities. Solomon Islanders are really struggling and I praise Prime Minister, Dr. Derek Sikua and the New Zealand government for the opportunity," says Edna Meaka from Naha Heights.

"If many Solomon Islanders are given the opportunity, this will ease alot of burden; since we know that one working Solomon Islander supports more than ten other relatives. I thank the Solomon Island Government and the New Zealand Government for this initiative," says Frederick Eleamo of Mbokonavera.