Serving with the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands has been a fulfilling experience for an outgoing Samoan female officer.

Speaking with the National Express newspaper, a female officer from Samoa said that serving the country and the people serving under RAMSI not only helped her have a lot of confidence in herself "but i find it fulfilling".

Margrete Donna Roache-Palepoi was selected from the many talented officers in the Samoan Police Force a year ago to represent her Polynesian Island State in serving the mission in Solomon Islands.

Mrs. Roache-Palepoi said that she had come to the Solomon Islands in February 15th last year to work particularly in Community Policing serving under the RAMSI.

She told National Express that as part of her job, she worked with different communities, schools and provinces around the country.

She also set out awareness talks based on the side effect of people drinking kwaso and young people in the country occupied with drugs such as smoking marijuana, which is common in the Solomon Islands.

Mrs. Roache-Palepoi said that talks were conducted to help reduce the risk of young people's life involved in taking drugs.

"The problems I've seen here are basically similar to what I've seen back home except its heavier here," she said.

Being in the mission has not been a smooth task for the Samoan who, in her term, came across some challenges, especially when working with other country colleagues but she really had to understand them.

Mrs. Roache-Palepoi said that working under RAMSI with other Pacific Islanders to get positive outcome to the people of Solomon Islands is a major victory.

"I've gained a lot of experiences from working with the Solomon Islands Police Force and PPF," she said. "They have different ways of dealing with issues and I've learnt alot from working with them."

Mrs. Roache-Palepoi said that if she is given another chance to work in the Solomon Islands, she will definitely come back and work with the Community Public Relations.