Bus fare rates are still unstable as people face more and more difficulty at the high cost of living in the country.

The rate of bus fares currently stand at the unstable rate of $3, $4 and $5. Solomon Times took to the streets following concerns from the public.

"This is frustrating as without proper rates, I would not be able to set a budget for the whole week. One bus may accept $3 and another will accept $4 while another accepts $5 and with a very low income, I cannot afford $5," stated an angry member of the public.

Other members of the public think that the Honiara City Council should step in to solve the problem; however the bus operators stated their right to increase bus fares due to high cost of fuel.

"The agreed bus fare should have been $4 and although my bus operates on such a rate, members of the public still provide $2 and such a price does not cover fuel costs," stated a bus owner.

With many Honiara dwellers on very low income, $2 is the only rate many can afford. Buses are currently the only cheapest means of transport within the capital.

Solomon Islands, although very remote, is also facing similar problems to the rest of the world.