Complaints have been raised from the tenants of the National Provident Fund (NPF) Plaza and the Anthony Saru building in Point Cruz, regarding the noise from loiterers around the area.

The NPF building and the Anthony Saru building are currently host to many business houses and is also finding itself to host young loiterers within Honiara.

This has raised concerns and caused frustrations from the business houses in both buildings.

"I am currently having trainings at the BIP computing center, which is located in the Anthony Saru Building. We get a lot of disturbances from the public and it is often hard to concentrate," says Ms. Eva Isa.

"They should have more consideration for those with offices. The students are often the cause of the problem. They come from school and hang around the building to meet friends and shout and laugh and are often inconsiderate of the offices around them," she added.

Tenants of both buildings are calling on the public to be more considerate and for the authorities to respond to the issue.