Students are still waiting in line for results on scholarship awards with commencement of the academic year just around the corner.

Solomon Times was informed that for some students, the wait has been since December 19th 2007.

New students questioned how all in line are categorized by the National Training Unit, with some complaining of being treated as "second grades".

"It's the Solomon Islands based students that are really affected with the hold up of scholarships," students told Solomon Times.

It was revealed that about 227 students are waiting for luck on a scholarship but only 20 awards are available.

"I think it is really unfair on students who strive against those who have already finished their three years university studies and want to extend their scholarships to make up for outstanding units, NTU should prioritize new students," a USP Centre attached student, Pristine Ben said.

Mr. Ben added that the answer students always get is "wait, we have to focus on the form seven students first".

"We have waited long enough and just wish NTU could just speed things up because it's nearly time for registration and if nothing is done, then some of us won't have anything to do this semester," he said.

Meanwhile, some of the medical students studying at the Fiji School of Medicine have already left the country over the weekend.