Solomon Islands has experienced four earthquakes since Thursday last week.

According to the National Disaster Management Office, the first shake occurred 5:22pm on Thursday 18th December at 30km or 20 miles south of Sirovanga on Choiseul Province, which was a 4.9 quake at a depth of 135.2km or 84 miles.

The second one occurred Saturday 20th December at 7:02am at 80km or 50 miles South East of Honiara, this was a 5.2 quake at a depth of 46.6km or 29 miles. The third one occurred later on the same day around 9:33am at 70km or 45 miles South East of Honiara, on a 5.4 quake at a depth of 35km or 21.7 miles.

Solomon Times was informed that the latest that occurred around 12:13am yesterday was at 85km or 50 miles South South East of Kira Kira, Makira-Ulawa Province, which was a 4.7 quake at a depth of 53.2km or 33.1 miles.

Julian Maka'a from the National Disaster Management Office stated that there has been no reports to the office of damage or loss of lives from communities near the epi centres of these quakes.

Mr. Maka'a said that lack of earthquake prediction service around the globe makes it impossible to detect when an earthquake will take place.

This, he said, leaves Solomon Islands vulnerable.

"We are located between two tectonic plates, the Australian and Pacific Plates," he said.

Mr. Maka'a said that unlike cyclones that can be predicted and warnings given in advance, "the warning for communities when it comes to earthquakes is when the shake actually takes place".

He advised the public to remain alert when earthquakes takes place and always take necessary measures such as going further in land in light of a possible tsunami.