Last night saw droves of freestyle fans flock to the Multi purpose hall for the second dance competition organized by NOCSI in association with DJ graphics.

After contestants took to the dance floor, the "Ultimate Street Crew" came on top.
Round one was elimination round with various crews showing off their freestyle routines which got the crowd worked up. Deafening cheers got the dancers pumped as they pieced together routines one can only see in the movies.

The Milkshake crew, Mid West crew and the Ultimate Street Crew seemed to take Round One with a knockout fiery. Unfortunately only two could proceed to the battle stage, Mid West was eliminated.

The panel went wild in the "battle stage", as both crews, "Milkshake" and "Ultimate" had the judges eating out of their hands. Things went well until a non registered "Milkshake" dancer jumped on stage joining his crew.

The judges were unimpressed, the "Ultimate Street Crew" walked away with the SBD$1,000 cash prize along with a custom made dance outfit from DJ Graphics.