The people of Isabel Province has celebrated their 29th second appointed day on Monday at the provincial capital Buala with a call to free up their land for development.

Governor General Sir Frank Kabui who was chief guest at the celebration made the call in his speech to leaders and people attending the celebrations.

Sir Frank reminded the gathering that land is a catalyst for development but very difficult to harness for that purpose.

He explained that building community facilities such as wharves, airfields, schools, hospitals, roads and other basic infrastructures to help improve peoples’ livelihood need land and it is important that disputes are solved to make land available for development.

“Being willing to give out land for these facilities can only promote our well-being in so many ways and that of our children. I know it is not easy but we should attempt to do good to our people and country,” Sir Frank said.

Speaking of the province’s contribution towards nation building, Sir Frank said Isabel has contributed largely to the development and growth of the country in terms of her natural and human resources in past years.

“You have contributed much to the development of the country. Some of our early medical doctors were from Isabel and the tradition continues today. I salute you for your contribution to the development of our country in whatever way it may be,” Sir Frank said.

The Governor General recalled that the first woman to be elected into the Legislative Council during the Colonial time was the late Lily Ogatina later known as Mrs Poznansky from Isabel who was the Clerk to the Legislative Assembly in later years.

Isabel province is blessed with natural resources such as minerals, forests, agricultural land and marine resources with a law abiding vibrant population and an efficient traditional system which makes the Church the backbone of the lives.

Sir Frank admirably said merging tradition, the church and the provincial government into a worthy and workable mix suited the needs of Isabel people.

Following the official ceremony at the Provincial Headquarters, Sir Frank took time on Monday afternoon to pay tribute to Isabel’s Paramount Chief Sir Dudley Tuti at his humble tomb in Buala, visited the Buala Hospital as well as a visit to Guguha Community High School.

Also attending the celebrations were Minister of Aviation and Communication Walter Folotalu, Minister for Culture and Tourism and MP for Gao Bugotu Samuel Manetoali, MP for Kia Havulei Selwyn Riumana and MP for Maringe Kokota Varian Longamei.