The Government is still without four ministers since the first series of defections two weeks ago.

Government Ministries without substantive Ministers include: Police and National Security, Public Service, Provincial Government and Fisheries and Marine Resources.

The portfolios were left vacant following the resignation of Ulawa-Ugi MP James Tora, East Kwaio MP Stanley Sofu, East Honiara MP Douglas Ete and Northwest Guadalcanal MP Bodo Dettke.

The Prime Minister had earlier re-shuffled East Guadalcanal MP Bradley Tovusia as the new Forestry Minister.

East Honiara MP Douglas Ete was the Forestry Minister until his resignation last month.

Special Secretary to the Prime Minister Andrew Muaki told SIBC News yesterday that Prime Minister Danny Phillip will be making appointments "when the time is right and the posts are currently being taken up by Acting Ministers."

The Prime Minister's Political Advisor also said that the current political stalemate will not affect current budget preparations. Mr Muaki says that the Government expects to deliver a draft appropriation bill to the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee by the end of this month.