Regional leaders at the 39th Forum Leaders Summit called for help against global warming, resulting in a planned formation of a climate change center.

As reported by All Headline News (, regional leaders made the appeal on the first day of the summit this week and to address the problems resulting from the effects of global warming, a climate change center will be formed.

'United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, in a message sent to the summit, said the organization and Samoa will set up an Inter-Agency Climate Change Center to help fight the impacts of global warming'.

'The new agency, to be located in Samoa, will focus on the mitigation, adaptation and reduction of the risk of disaster facing Pacific islands. Its help will complement assistance provided by several U.N. agencies to the Forum members, ranging from farming and fisheries to urbanization and disability'.

Countries in the region are among those in the word most vulnerable to the effects of global warming and climate change, with the threat of increasing sea levels a reality for many island nations in the region.