Friends and Former students of Waimapuru National Secondary School around the country are planning to host a huge celebration to mark the school's Silver Jubilee [this] year.

The plan was initiated by some former students after talks with school authorities in recent weeks.

Waimapuru on Makira Island is the second state-owned school after King George Sixth.

The school was established in 1984 when subjects were conducted at St Steven's Pamua Secondary School for two years before moving to its current location.

"Waimapuru has produced some of the country's finest and successful human resources since its establishment," said former student, John Keniapisia. "I think students who excel from the school should proudly appreciate being part of the school's family".

Mr. Keniapisia, who is now Special Secretary to the Prime Minister, said an interim team is currently being set up in Honiara to establish contacts with ex students around the country.

He said the aim now is to get in touch with ex students to form a proper body in Honiara to coordinate plans for the upcoming event.

Ex students residing in Honiara have been holding meetings to plan the big event.

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