Dong min Cha, South Korean National Taekwondo athlete, World Champion and former Olympic medalist was part of the small delegation of World Taekwondo Oceania that spent last week at the SINIS Institute during the National Taekwondo Athletes Training Camp.

The retired athlete now a taekwondo practitioner has a track record of 13 Gold medals Beijing Olympics 2008(1) ) and various open tournaments and championships(12)& 4 Silver Medals World champions (Gyeongju 2011 (1) and various open tournaments(3)) and 4 Bronze medals(Rio De Janeiro Olympics 2016 (1) and various open tournaments(3)).

He was impressed with the facilities and the government support for the ongoing trainings of athletes and coaches for better performance going towards the Sol2023 XVII Pacific Games as the facilities is very well equipped.

“Taekwondo is not only about kicking it’s about its overall trainings of all aspect that needs weights and SINIS is well equipped to improve their performance. Athletes should be grateful to have this type of support from the government. If it was me, I would be so happy to be training here at the facilities. It is important that the taekwondo athletes here perform a good result that it would attract interested people and give awareness for the sport to spread in the Solomons," says Dong Ming Cha.

He wishes the athletes & coaches well and all the very best in the upcoming competitions and also thanks the SINIS team for the hospitality & accommodation provided on his visit before leaving the country.


Source: Press Release, SINIS