Former Prime Minister, Sir Allan Kemakeza, had been re-appointed chairman of the Savo House of Chiefs.

The appointment by the 12 member House of Chiefs was made [last Friday] at the end of a three-day meeting on Savo island.

Each of the 12 members of the house of chiefs represents six tribes on the island.

The chairmanship is for a period of five years.

Sir Allan told SIBC News that he regards the appointment as an honour.

He says the job is a challenging one but he is prepared to do his best to serve his people with impartiality.

Sir Allan says the role of the Savo House of Chiefs is to guide and ensure peace and orderly life prevails amongst the people.

As well as promoting solidarity unity, it also resolves disputes over customary land ownership and other issues.

Sir Allan says the House of Chiefs is also responsible for both political and economic development for the people of Savo Island.

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