The Member of Parliament of Small Malaita, and former Prime Minister Rick Hounipwela, has dug up the Prime Ministers track record in his contribution on the motion of no confidence before Parliament.

He says that the Prime Minister’s track record is one tainted with deception, particularly on matters of national interest. He says that records show that the Prime Minister was not usually the first-choice candidate for Prime Minister when parties convene to choose their leader.

He says the Prime Minister often maneuvers himself into positions of power, often in his own best interest and that of his supporters. He says many people have commented that his ruling has been marred with instability, corruption and general public dissatisfaction.

The MP for Small Malaita says the Prime Minister’s political history shows a leader that is always bogged down on forming and maintaining government, and rewarding those that put him there.

He says the Prime Minister should devote his attention to the countless economic problems facing the country – and putting the people of the country at the forefront of his planning.

The former Prime Minster says that Sogavare has dictatorial tendencies, and if MPs vote against the motion they will be aiding and abetting one party rule in Solomon Islands.