Former premier of Western Province Alex Lokopio has appeared for final mention at the Magistrate's Court this morning.

It was in relation to a bribery charge which allegedly took place on the 15th of June 2009.

Police have alleged Lokopio tried to bribe Freda Ngai with intent to pervert the course of Justice.

Principal Magistrate Steve Wilson says the case will again go before the Gizo Magistrate Court on the 3rd of May, and Mr Lokopio is required to attend.

A trial date has already been set for May 31 to June 18.

In February this year, the former Premier was acquitted of one count of attempting to procure another to commit a criminal act, after two prosecution witnesses refused to take the witness box.

In another court case, prominent Honiara Lawyer Charles Ashley will appear again before the Honiara Magistrate's Court for an interim mention on the 3rd of May in the lead up to a long form of preliminary inquiry into his case.

Florence Joel from the Director of Public Prosecutions' Office, who is prosecuting the case, told SIBC News that Mr Ashley appeared before the Court yesterday morning.

She says the case has been set for a long form of Preliminary Inquiry on the 5th - 9th of July to find out if there is sufficient evidence for the case to be heard at the High Court.

Mr Ashley faces 29 counts of conversion and one count of money laundering relating to allegations that he stole more than one million dollars of clients' money he held in trust.