Government vehicles issued to former government ministers were handed back to the Ministry of Infrastructure.

A short procession took place yesterday from Honiara Hotel to Town Ground before the vehicles were driven in for hand-over.

The defected ministers and backbenchers returned keys and vehicles, and walked back to Honiara Hotel where they are based.

A statement through the media was given for the return of vehicles by former ministers and backbenchers.

The deadline was set for 5pm yesterday afternoon.

Former Finance Minister, Gordon Darcy Lilo, said the former ministers and backbenchers respect the notice given by the Minister for Infrastructure Development.

Permanent Secretary, Peter Hauia, received the keys from the defected ministers and backbenchers in the presence of newly appointed Minister of Infrastructure, Martin Sopage.

Mr. Hauia said the Ministry is happy to see such a show of leadership coming from the former government ministers and backbenchers.