Former Guadalcanal militant leader, Joseph Sangu, has testified in public that he has committed himself to the peace process in Solomon Islands.

Sangu, who commanded the respect of fellow Guadalcanal militants during the days of the ethnic tension, said he is now a converted Christian.

He had served time in prison for firearms charges relating to the ethnic tension, but since leaving prison Sangu said he is working hard to ensure the country achieves lasting peace.

Speaking yesterday during International Peace Day, Sangu said it took him over two years to forgive others.

He said he was sorry for victims of the ethnic tension who "do not want to forgive the offenders and as well as for offenders who do not want to ask for forgiveness from their victims."

Sangu however acknowledged it is difficult to forgive wrongdoers as forgiveness is possible only through God.

He is now an active member of the Sycamore Tree Group which consists of former militants from both Guadalcanal and Malaita now working to advance peace.