The Former Deputy Premier of Guadalcanal Province has warned that the continued sale of alienated land on East Guadalcanal could trigger civil unrest in the country in the future.

Stephen Panga made the call following the increase in infrastructural developments taking place in East Honiara. Mr Panga has called on the Guadalcanal Provincial Government and the National Government to stop the sale of land, currently held under fixed term by Levers Solomon Limited in east of Honiara.

Mr Panga has warned that the on-going sale of plots of land under fixed term titles to individuals and companies at the Lungga area and beyond without due consideration to the likely social impact on the surrounding communities of indigenous Guadalcanal people is a grave mistake.

Panga says both authorities must act quickly to put an end to such sale.

The former deputy provincial premier warns that selling of more land on Guadalcanal is more like playing with time bomb ready to explode.

He says the deal should involve wider consultation with original land owners of Guadalcanal before any parts of the land could be sold to members of the public.