The recently ousted Deputy Premier of Malaita province has called on members of the Malaita provincial assembly to make a change for the sake of the people.

Former Deputy Premier of Malaita, Williamson Miti made this statement in response to allegations over his sacking made by Premier Edwin Suibaea.

Premier Suibaea said that the reason for sacking his Deputy was that he had permanently resided in Honiara and could not be available to help with the work load.

But Mr Miti strongly denied the allegations saying that following his election as Deputy Premier, he had been allocated a residence in Auki and lived there since the beginning of 2011.

Mr Miti says his absence from Auki on a number of occasions were necessitated by the need to attend meetings, workshops and other duties on behalf of Premier Suibaea in Honiara.

The former deputy premier says the main reason why many in the provincial executive could not work was because there weren't clear policies and directives to enable provincial ministers to carry out their duties effectively.

Mr Miti adds that if Malaita is to move forward in the right direction, the present provincial administration of Premier Suibaea must not be allowed to continue in office.