The recent torrential downpour flooded Selwyn College and students had to return to the capital Honiara, unsure of what will become of their studies.

Togamae Maths Academy has offered some relief for Form 7 students with free classes and tutorials, a way of giving back to the school during this period of disaster.

Felicity Lorna Malcolm, who is the head of Academy, says that she knows the anxieties students go through, especially for Form 7 students who will be having their exams on Friday.

She says that she will be conducting tutorials in mathematics at the academy free of charge, as “these students are our next future leaders.”

“Also, being a mother and just to hear stories and seeing what they go through on social media is a heart breaking thing, I cannot ignore it,” Ms Malcolm said.

“I believe it is important to give hope for these students as they prepare for their examination on Friday.

“I will give them the environment they need to learn, and its for both Form Seven Arts and Science mathematics,” she said.

The Togamae Maths Academy says the classes will be offered free of charge on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 11am to 12pm.

The Academy says they will support these students until they are safely back at their campus.