Solomon Islands Foreign Affairs Minister, Hon. Milner Tozaka yesterday joined world leaders in reinforcing the message of peace and ideals of humanity in a Peace Summit held at UN General Assembly.

When delivering his statement this afternoon at the Nelson Mandela’s Peace Summit, Minister Tozaka reminded global leaders of their ultimate responsibility to ensure the next generations do not inherit a world full of fear and depredation.

The Nelson Mandela Peace Summit was hosted at the United Nations General Assembly in honor of the centenary of Nelson Mandela‘s birth.

The High Level Peace Summit drew leaders from across the United Nations membership, sharing the ideals and values of Nelson Mandela.

“In the midst of all current challenges and calamities that have gripped our world, this Peace Summit is fitting and timely,” he said.

Minister Tozaka said global leaders must exploit all means to let peace prevail.
“We must strive towards eliminating conflict by building bridges and forging partnership and relations despite our differences," he said.

Mr Tozaka emphasized that the role of the UN Charter is a guiding framework to facilitate peaceful interaction.

“Since its inception the United Nations continues to actively advocate on the platform of peace. The UN Charter firmly remains the compass, which sets our course of action. It compels each us of the shared duty to uphold peaceful co-existence within and amongst countries. And that we must seek settlement of disputes, and use intensive, sustained and inclusive dialogue as a first resort in resolving differences and conflicts,” he said.

Minister Tozaka told the Summit that bitter rivalries and warfare serve no purpose if more emphasis is placed on promoting reconciliation amongst our people and between nations.

“We commit to sustained attention and support for activities aimed at preventing the outbreak, escalation, continuation and recurrence of conflict, addressing root causes, assisting parties to conflict to end hostilities, ensuring national, regional and global reconciliation, and moving towards recovery, reconstruction and development,” he said.

Mr Tozaka added that the seeds of peace, germinates development, economic prosperity and sustained growth.

“Peace building and nation building are ideals which foster unity, particularly in post conflict states. I speak on the experience of Solomon Islands as a post conflict state, aspiring to maintain sustainable peace. Peaceful co-existence of communities and peoples must not be elusive or taken for granted,” Minister Tozaka said.

The Foreign Minister also adds that the value of peace and humanity is priceless.
He said Nelson Mandela’s life and his ability to overcome adversities and triumph sets the benchmark in leadership that everyone should aspire.

The Foreign Minister also assured of Solomon Islands support to the political declaration on the Nelson Mandela Peace Summit.


Source: Press Release, Prime Minister's Office