The one week workshop on Food Hygiene and Preparation for housewives was officially closed this morning at the Education Department of the Honiara City Council.

Speaking during the ceremony was the Deputy City Clerk, Mr. Paul Kailafa, who said that the workshop is an essential component of the work of Honiara City Council Inspectors.

Mr. Kailafa said that it is important for the participants to be aware of hygienic ways in preparing and selling food in public places.

He stated that after the weeklong of training, participants should now have the knowledge to assist them in their kitchen business, in catering or family food preparations.

He stated that before the workshop, many women were not aware of the ingredients added to their food, "which was why it was very important for them to learn from this workshop on how to be extra careful during food preparation and how to care for their customers," Mr. Kailafa added.

The 38 participants obtained certificates under the HTC Inspector Division. The certificate will allow them to continue to sell food in public places.

Women who attended the workshop stated that they have learnt a lot of useful tips during the program.