As those villagers affected by the floods return to some sense of normalcy, the National Disaster Council (NDC) promised that it will continue with its food distribution programme

The NDC, late last week, distributed rice to villagers of Burns Creek, Lungga and Sun Valley. The NDC said in a statement that it will continue to distribute to Sahalu ward communities between Horabau to Aruligo including Kohimara and surrounding communities beginning this week.

The NDC says after that it will then move further east and distribute ward by ward until it reaches Aola and Longgu.

Other distributions will be made within the next three weeks to worst affected areas in Makira, Savo and Malaita Outer Islands.

The NDC said that the distribution of food should be sufficient for these villagers as they slowly return to work their gardens.

The flood stricken areas of North East Guadalcanal have already received much needed assistance and, in most cases, have returned to their gardens.