Heavy flooding of the Mbalasuna River has affected communities within the vicinity, prompting calls to the National Disaster Council and Guadalcanal Provincial Government for assistance.

Spokesperson for the communities of the area, Augustine Misitana, says villagers living along the Mbalasuna River bank experienced heavy flooding at around three o'clock yesterday.

Mr Misitana says his village and other communities affected by the flood need an urgent assessment of the damages by the Provincial Disaster Committee and the National Disaster Management Office and urgent relief supplies.

Mr Misitana says water from the floods had entered their villages and it is still at knee-length level after the initial flooding. Mr Misitana said this has caused damage to food gardens and commercial crops causing panic of a possible food shortage that may last for the next six months.

He says the river is also the main water source for the villages for drinking and cooking but it is now unsafe for people to use and water shortage is another issue they are dealing with.

He appeals to the provincial and national members of Northeast Guadalcanal to help their affected communities.