Flood victims in Solomon Islands say they have been given assurances they won't be forced out of the government-run emergency shelters in Honiara.

About 1,500 people are still being housed in the evacuation centres after April's deadly flash floods which killed at least 21 people and left thousands homeless.

The Solomon Islands Government has denied local media reports that the flood centres will be closed this weekend.

Flood victims spokesman Charles Ketea has told Pacific Beat the minister has given an assurance not move anyone from the centres just yet.

"He told us that this is not true...that they will be strictly removing us from these evacuations centres," he said.

"The victims have confidence...we trust that even though we hear the story that they'll close this evacuation centre, we believe it will not [happen].

"We are all citizens. We should be living here. We should wait until the land planning is finished and we will move to that block of land."

Mr Ketea says they will be staying put until the government prepares a new area of land to allow them to move.

"We had a meeting with the Minister of Land...what he has told us is that there is land there...the land that has been promised is there," he said.

"The idea for us to move from this evacuation centre - he told us that we will never go, we will never go, we will wait until all that land-making is finished, and then we will go to that land." 


Source: http://www.abc.net.au/